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两男纽约柳湖捕鲤鱼违规 未穿救生衣吃传票

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两男纽约柳湖捕鲤鱼违规 未穿救生衣吃传票

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common carps in concern

"A Whole Lot of Carp - Queens County
On Dec. 29, while on patrol in Queens County, ECOs Matthew Thibodeau and Jacob Jankowski observed two men floating on a homemade wooden raft on Willow Lake in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The raft was in a spot known for illegal fishing, so ECOs Thibodeau and Jankowski observed the subjects using a combination of gill and dip nets to land multiple fish. Freshwater lakes in Region 2 (New York City) are catch and release only for any species other than snakeheads, and the use of gill nets is strictly prohibited. As the individuals walked out of the cattails with their catch, the ECOs approached. The officers found the anglers in possession of two large bags and a cooler full of common carp. Neither fisherman possessed a freshwater fishing license and all of the fish had been caught illegally. A total of 35 common carp, two white perch, and two gill nets were seized. The fishermen were issued five summonses each, including fishing without a freshwater license, failure to release fish without undue harm, fishing contrary to regulations, fishing by means other than angling, and insufficient PFDs. All of the summonses are returnable to Queens County Court in March."
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