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*SPOILERS* Yrel Did Nothing Wrong

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*SPOILERS* Yrel Did Nothing Wrong

楼层:#1  帖子connorcruise123 » 15 5月 2018 03:25


I am not meme-ing here. And yes, this is yet -another- Yrel thread, but please allow me to present my opinion on what has happened with what appears to be everyone's suddenly-favorite paladin lately, especially as a fellow draenei.Now, obviously the forceful conversion of a native population to a new faith, social organization, or overarching ideology is wrong, and that seems to be what the "Lightbound" are all about right now; spreading their fanaticism for the light to the orc tribes of alternate Draenor by sheer military force. I also see many folk take issue with the fact that the "peaceful" ending to the Draenor campaign seems to have been invalidated by these new developments?

Please help.

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