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BC省水库人为失误导致父子渔人身亡 RIP

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BC省水库人为失误导致父子渔人身亡 RIP

楼层:#1  帖子Beeknight » 08 10月 2020 13:20

R.I.P. 希望引起大家注意。


A preliminary report has found human error was "the clearest contributing factor" in a deadly incident at the Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver, B.C., the regional district said Thursday.

Two men, father and son, were killed downstream when the spillway gate opened unexpectedly during maintenance on Oct. 1, releasing a freezing torrent of water into the Capilano River.

The man, who was an artist, and his son, 27, were among five anglers who were swept away by the gush of water after the dam opened without public warning. The father's body was discovered later that day but the remains of his son have not been found.
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